When you think about redecorating your home, your bathroom often gets neglected. Use these 5 Ideas to Freshen up your Bathroom. Until now, the most decorative item in most bathrooms was the shower curtain. Times are changing. Today bathrooms are being decorated as carefully as the rest of the house. There are so many options when it comes to bathroom décor. These days you can get a whole new look no matter what your budget is.

Do you want some amazing bathroom refresh ideas? Here are 5 Ideas to Freshen up your Bathroom with the latest trends. these will inspire you to give new life and refresh your bathroom.

  • Freshen up your walls.

Give the walls a new coat of paint. The constant steam and heat in bathrooms can do a number on painted walls. You can create a subtle, tranquil look or make a statement by going bright and bold. Choose a color that is versatile enough so that you can change the look occasionally without it clashing with your accessories. Semi-gloss finishes hold up best under the moist conditions in bathrooms and are easiest to clean. Another option is tiled walls. Today’s tiles come in a wide selection of shapes and colors. Opt for mosaic tiles in a great color scheme for an instant spa look.

  • Do away with the old sink.

Today’s showers and sinks are beautifully made with sleek lines and hidden handles for a modern look. Try replacing your old vanity with a beautiful pedestal sink. Because they take up less space, they can make the bathroom appear more spacious. This is a great idea for small bathrooms. This is a project that most anyone can do and it will instantly transform the look of your bathroom. Pedestal sinks come in an array of colors and finishes such as stone, metal and glass.

  • Get rid of the curtain.

Another quick fix is glass shower doors instead of curtains. Especially in a small bathroom, glass doors make the bathroom appear brighter and airier.

  • Replace that old shower head.

Try replacing your shower head with a clean and contemporary fixture in brushed chrome or bronze. Better yet, install dual shower heads for a totally luxurious experience!

  • Go all out with glamorous new lighting fixtures.

Traditionally, the only light in your bathroom came from the vanity. Adding a couple of wall sconces can really change the look of a bathroom as well as improve the lighting. Hanging a simple chandelier in the center of the ceiling can create a look of elegance. Have a look here for steps on renovating a bathroom.

We hope these 5 Ideas to Freshen up your Bathroom will to inspire you to create an amazing bathroom. All the materials mentioned here come in a wide range of prices. So, even on a budget, you can still modernize your bathroom and give it a whole new feel.