We live in a tech-savvy world where every problem begs the question, “Is there an app to solve that?” So, it’s not surprising that smart homes have become ubiquitous. Research shows that 90% of US consumers own at least one smart home device. There is a high chance that you have at least one within your humble abode. 

Having a fleet of the best home automation systems can help you go about your day without putting manual effort into doing certain tasks. These smart-systems even give you the ability to control certain aspects of your home from remote locations.   

Since connected devices are increasing, you now have a better-than-ever opportunity to create a solid network of smart systems to get complete effortless control right on your fingertips, and voice (Think Siri, Alexa!). 

 If you are looking to upgrade your home’s efficiency with the best home automation system, then read on. Below you’ll find 6 of the best smart home systems available in the market today.

Best Home Automation System – Smart Speakers

Hey, Alexa! What’s the weather today?”

“Hey, Siri! Call mom, please.”

“Ok, Google, play my favorite song!”


Since 2014, Smart Speakers have found a loyal spot in over 133 million homes.  Its adoption rate has stupidly soared across all age groups for one reason – ease of use. 

Humans love having things done for them, and having someone at their beck and call, tending to their little needs, is no longer a fantastical concept. Every smart speaker has an AI assistant nestled inside it. This assistant activates through ‘wake words’ and performs the task that follows the wake word. 

For example, if you say, “Hey Alexa, what are my reminders for tomorrow?”, Amazon Echo will record your command and transmit it to the server for processing. Once your command gets deciphered, Alexa will respond within seconds!

Smart speakers are great because as artificial intelligence gets increasingly refined, smart assistants are now capable of advanced tasks like unlocking cars, controlling lights, changing TV channels, ordering pizza, just through voice commands.  

Also, if you have a smart home with multiple connected devices, you can get advanced speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo to act as a central hub to sync all devices together. 

Best Home Automation System – Smart Plugs


A constellation of nifty little smart plugs can convert an array of devices with traditional power plug (you know, the kind that goes into the wall socket) into a smart device. For someone who is barely starting to ‘smart-up’ their home, smart plugs are an affordable way to do so. This way, you don’t have to spend money on new smart devices and can transform what you already own.

Here’s how it works: Insert the smart plug into the outlet, then connect any device into the smart plug’s socket. Install the app for the plug, and you will be able to control the device from anywhere. It’s as easy as that.

Forgot to turn a lamp off in your living room? You can do so through the app as long as the lamp’s plug is connected to a smart plug. With this device, you can even start the coffee maker right from your bed.

Smart plugs can be programmed for sophisticated routines too,  like, setting the lights to turn on and off at regular intervals. This way, when you are across town, you can still make it look like someone’s home, which can help keep intruders away. Many smart plugs are compatible with smart speakers like Alexa, so you can also control them using voice commands.

Best Home Automation System – Smart Thermostats


Keeping your home temperature comfortable has never been so easy. App-enabled smart thermostat technology brings full control of the home’s heating and cooling systems right to your phone, regardless of whether you’re on the couch or the grocery store in another country. Even the basic models come equipped with WiFi that can be connected to your home’s network and the internet.

Smart thermostats can be programmed to follow a consistent climate-control schedule. In its advanced form, these little mavericks use motion sensor technology to detect whether you are home or away, and use that information to adjust the temperature. Some use geofencing technology to turn the AC or heater on or off when you appear within a certain radius from the device.

You can leverage smart thermostats to save big on your energy bills. Frequently changing analog thermostat’s settings can overload your HVAC system, causing it to work more to keep the indoors at a comfortable temperature. This makes energy conservation difficult during the hottest days and coldest nights.

Smart thermometers skirt around that problem by automatically changing the temperature inside your home at a steady pace. This removes any risk of causing sudden strain on the HVAC system. Moreover, the thermostat will even track your energy consumption automatically and send you reports on your phone.

Best Home Automation System – Smart Home Security System


Internet of Things-enabled devices makes your life efficient and safer. Smart security devices are some of the best home automation systems you must consider owning.

It can give you peace of mind by offering the ultimate protection for your home at an affordable price. Traditionally, you’d have to sign-up into a contract with a home security company, pay a monthly fee for professional installation and ongoing monitoring. But with Do-It-Yourself home security, you only have to pay for the device. You can keep an eye on your home from anywhere simply through your phone.

A smart home security system is composed of several different components – motion sensors, security cameras, glass break detectors, door and window sensors, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors. All of these parts work together to keep your home’s indoor and outdoor perimeter, safe and sound. You don’t have to install all components to guard your home, just the ones relevant to your needs.

Here is a brief overview of the most common security systems

Security cameras

This forms the central core of any security system, and are used to monitor specific areas inside or outside your home. The live or recorded feed can be accessed from your phone or tablet. Doorbell cameras are part of this. Smart cameras come with clear and crispy video quality and save the recording to the Cloud.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors work in tandem with security cameras. The ones used indoors are Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR), which detects body heat. Then there are Microwave motion sensors that are best suited for harsher environments like the outdoors. Motion sensors can be used to activate security cameras, alarms, and even security lights.

Glass break detectors

If an intruder enters your home by breaking a window or a glass door, a glass break detecting sensor will set off an alarm.

Door and window sensors

These are attached to the frame of doors and windows, and when opened, you will receive a text alert.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

It does exactly what the name implies and detects smoke and a build-up of carbon monoxide, which can be deadly.

Best Home Automation System – Smart Light Bulbs


Smart bulbs are individual LED bulbs that can be wirelessly controlled. They are designed to screw into the existing sockets and can be controlled through a centralized hub. With the flexibility smart bulbs provides, the possibilities of what lighting can do for you goes beyond just lighting up a room.

Think about how many light bulbs your house has; most come with a corresponding switch. At nights, before bed, you have to go from room to room to make sure they are all turned off, and still risk missing one. With smart bulbs installed, you can control them all easily through your phone, or smart speaker.

You can even use smart bulbs to set the mood – no need to buy extra dimmers. You can do so, and change its color through your phone. This gives you the power to match the perfect lighting for any occasion.

Moreover, smart bulbs can be programmed to work around your routine. Group and schedule smart lights to turn on and off at certain times of the day, making it so that they wake up with you and go to sleep with you- automatically. You can even turn them on and off while away from home.

Best Home Automation System – Smart TV

It used to be that the main shopping factors when buying a TV were its screen size, image, and sound quality, but now there is another dimension to be considered. Smart TV allows for cutting the cord by giving you access to online content without investing in external devices like Roku or a Firestick. Smart TVs work by connecting to your Wi-Fi network and gives you access to a variety of channels without subscribing to cable. 

Many Smart TVs also come with screen-sharing capabilities that let users send content back and forth from a smartphone to TV. This way, you can continue viewing the content on your phone even while away from the TV, or vice versa. 

A smart TV is best for those who are looking to buy a new TV and consume most of their content through online streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. Plus, you can even browse the internet from your smart TV and update social media without having to use the computer.

Final Thoughts

Making a ‘dumb’ home ‘smarter’ is a long process. There are plenty of categories within the umbrella of best home automation systems, which gives you the flexibility to automate almost everything. With smart products clamoring for mainstream adoption, there has never been a better time to build a smart home setup. Start basic with the best home automation systems mentioned above and scale it up from there, depending on your needs.