Alexa, Amazon’s ever-so-helpful voice assistant, has made millions of lives more productive. Walking to your house with hands full of grocery bags? Just ask Alexa to turn the lights on, unlock the smart door, so you don’t have to put the bags down and fumble through your purse or pocket for keys. She will even open the garage door, turn on the AC, and start the coffee-maker for you. 

To really leverage Amazon Alexa’s potential, you need to pair it up with the best Alexa compatible devices. Although there are plenty of smart speakers in the market, Amazon Alexa has a slight edge over its competitors, possibly because of being the first one to enter the market of Smart products. As such, Alexa is compatible with a wider variety of apps than Siri or Google Assistant, which is why over 100 million Alexa devices have already been sold.

You never know, you may already own several products on this list, but didn’t know they were Amazon Alexa compatible.

1. Alexa Compatible Lights: Phillips Hue Starter Kit

Smart lighting may not sound like a necessity, but try it once, and you’ll wonder how you did without it all your life. Philips Hue smart bulbs are the gold standard when it comes to smart lighting. The kit comes in various versions but contains a combination of 3 different bulbs:

  • White – emits a warm white light
  • White Ambience – gives control to make the white LED lights slightly warmer or cooler
  • Color –  a colored light bulb with an extensive palette of over 16 million color options 

The kit comes with two to four bulbs, dimmer switch, and a bridge that can sync up to 100 different bulbs to your home wi-fi network. You can control the lights through the app on your phone, of course, but it also comes under Alexa compatible lights. 

Just ask Alexa to set the lights to blue. This will set the bulbs to the default shade of blue. If it’s too harsh for your taste, ask Alexa to turn the lights warmer or cooler till you get the perfect shade of blue.

2. Alexa Compatible Thermostat: Nest Thermostat E

Nest Thermostat E is attractive in both price and features. Perfect for those who are just entering the world of smart home products, Nest Thermostat E gives you fantastic control over an element that’s critical to feel comfortable in any space – temperature. 

Nest’s compact puck-shaped thermostat can help you save big with its eco-temperature setting that’s designed to conserve energy. It also includes an auto-scheduling feature that learns your preferred temperature for different times of the day and creates a custom schedule based on the data. Also, its convenient Early-On feature activates the heating or cooling system at an appropriate time to hit a desired temperature by the desired time. 

The Home/Away feature turns the heat and cooling system down when you aren’t home. That way, no energy gets wasted heating or cooling an empty home. This is an Alexa compatible thermostat. So you can verbally ask her to raise or decrease the temperature, or to set it to Away mode.

3. Alexa Compatible Robot Vacuum: iRobot Roomba 675

Robot vacuums give you freedom from vacuuming- a  necessary but time-consuming chore not many look forward to. You no longer have to spend precious weekend hours manually cleaning the floors of your entire house. Ask Roomba to do it for you.

Roomba is a sleek, round-shaped robot vacuum with the ability to connect to the Wi-Fi. It comes with a brush roll bristle, and the ability to navigate autonomously and dirt detection. This robot vacuum does a pretty good job in cleaning dirt and debris. 

Once you download the corresponding app for the vacuum, you can activate the cleaning cycle and stop the device through your phone or tablet. You’ve full access to the cleaning history and can set-up a schedule for future cleanings. Roomba gets around using the bump-and-continue technique, which is precisely what it sounds like-  it moves along a clear pathway until it bumps on to an obstruction, at which point it will change directions.

Another highlight of this robot vacuum is that along with controlling it through your phone, you can also control it using Amazon Alexa once you pair your unit with your smart speaker. Since it’s an Alexa compatible device, just tell Alexa that you want Roomba to start vacuuming, and she will quickly activate the robot at your command.

4. Alexa Compatible Door Lock: August Smart Lock Pro

Sometimes you want the futuristic smart product features while keeping the old system intact. That’s exactly what you get with August smart lock pro. This device fits into your existing deadbolt, which means you can still use your current key, but you also get the benefits of a smart lock.

August Smart Lock Pro lets you lock or unlock your door right through your app with the push of a button. You can also automate this process based on specific parameters. For example, you can instruct the app to unlock automatically when you are within a 100-foot radius to your door. This way, your door is already open by the time you reach home. You can also set it to lock after a specific amount of time automatically.

The device will also send you notifications every time the door gets locked and unlocked or if the door is accidentally left ajar. This smart lock is fully Alexa compatible, so instead of depending on the app, you can simply ask Alexa to lock the door.

5. Alexa Compatible Device Smart Plug: WeMo Mini

The Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener lets you control the garage door remotely, all through the internet. It’s not uncommon to rush out the door accidentally leaving your garage door open, which is a huge safety risk if you live in a busy city with a high crime rate. MyQ monitors the door activity and sends you alerts showing you the garage door’s status. 

While the smart garage door opener can open and close your garage door effortlessly, it’s not really what most people use it for because that is something that can be done with a basic remote. Where this device comes in handy is to check if the kids accidentally left the door open while you’re at work, if your neighbor wants to borrow a tool from your garage, or if you want to let a trusted repairman in when you’re not around.

6. Alexa Compatible DIY Security:  Simplisafe Essentials

Just like its name suggests, Simplisafe is a simple but accessible way to keep your home safe. The company provides various kits, and they’re all centered around a base station. They also offer a smart lock for an extra $99. Their essentials kit comes with a base station, a remote, a motion sensor, and three entry sensors for doors and windows. You can connect the base station to WiFi, although you don’t have to do that for the sensors to work. 

You can customize this kit for more thorough protection by adding carbon monoxide detectors, water sensors, smoke detectors, indoor camera, etc., for extra fees. If a sensor gets triggered, you can disarm it by entering the pin within 30 seconds before the alarm sets off. 

The app offers you the ability to control the alarm system remotely. Simplisafe is Alexa compatible, so you can verbally ask Alexa to turn the system on when going out. 

7. Alexa Compatible Soundbar: Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam is one of the most versatile soundbars in the market, plus it’s cheap compared to the company’s other speakers. It’s Amazon Echo compatible, which means you can ask Alexa to change volume, request songs, etc. Sonos Beam comes equipped with an array of five-microphones which can pick up your voice even in a noisy room. 

Sonos soundbar is more than just another soundbar – it’s a wireless speaker that can play music from any source like Pandora and Spotify. It can also sync to other Sonos Products in your space. This way, all Sonos speakers throughout your house can be programmed to play the same music for that ultimate immersive audiophile experience. 

Although compatible with Google Assistant, Sonos Soundbar works much more smoothly with Alexa. With Google, there can be a few seconds of lag before it responds to your request.

Final Thoughts

Alexa can give you more than weather updates and your favorite music. She can be your loyal sidekick that makes your mundane, repetitive day-to-day tasks more manageable. The great thing about Alexa is that most smart products work with it. All the items in our list have exquisite design and superior functionality, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. They’re also very easy to set up even for a non-techie person.

While the landscape of Alexa compatible smart devices is rapidly expanding, we hope this list gave you some excellent options to get started towards a journey of transforming your home into a super-efficient space where all the smart devices are interconnected and can be controlled by just using the words, “Hey Alexa.”