Bathroom Trends for 2017

Here are the top trends that will be seen in bathroom design from across the globe this year that are sure to explode come 2017.

  • Bathrooms with Spa Equipment

More than half of the new builds in the United States so far this year have a whirlpool bath. Designers and architects have been incorporating elements of spa hotels and day spas into the home. Today’s bathroom is now a place for meditation and deep thinking. Homeowners shut themselves out of the noisy world and just relax. In the first quarter of 2016, spa equipment has increase 10 percent compared to last year and the trend is seen to continue in the rest of the year.

  • Open Shower Designs

A custom built walk in shower with a rain-like overhead shower is a growing trend seen in luxurious homes. People are wanting for custom solutions when budget is not an issue. While this trend has been seen for a few years now, it will grow more this year.

  • Living Walls

While there are a few homes that feature living walls today, they can make the space more vibrant when done right. Most people are concerned about watering the wall but the designers must have already thought about that slow detail and incorporated a way to water the living wall without creating a mess.

  • Natural Seaside Accessories for a Coastal Look

More bathrooms will feature accessories that are naturally found in coastal areas, such as driftwood, shells, and rocks. These items will give the space a natural beach ambiance. This is also easy to do. You can easily decorate a normal mirror with items you pick up along the shore.

  • Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic patterns are predicted to be hot in 2017. It gives the bathroom a retro feel. It can work with back lit mirrors, old school bathtubs, and modern stainless sinks. A designer can incorporate the bold mosaic tiles to make classy and sophisticated.

  • Terracotta

Terracotta is set to make a big show in 2017 with warmth being infused into your bathroom by simply using this style. You can go with either rustic terracotta or finish it up with a matte style depending on what you prefer. But terracotta touches on the natural or organic feel which is meant to be returning with big hits in 2017.

  • Breathe some life into your room!

If having a complete wall of greenery isn’t your thing then you can still keep it stylish and simple. How? by bringing a presence of nature back into your life with plant or two in your bathroom. Not to mention steamy showers will have it in good condition and keep its soil nice and moist.

  • Be bold

Contrasting colors and styles in your bathroom can create a dynamic atmosphere. This can have an endless amount of possibilities once you get those creative juices flowing.


So for the trendiest bathroom that will make your guests envious and probably want to go renovate their own bathroom remember to keep these bathroom trends for 2017 in mind when you put together your new bathroom design.