Simple Ideas to Decorate your Kids Room

I don’t have kids myself so instead I try to make my niece’s room as comfortable and fun as possible for her. Here are some tips we have used in order to make her room a place where she can play and leave us adults to enjoy some peace and quiet. We all want the kids in our lives to be happy and that is why we try our best to please them. I hope some of these ideas help you create a space where your kids can enjoy and give you the rest you deserve.

  • Bring in the Colors

My niece loves colorful stuff. I have helped my sister and Mom paint and repaint the play room in the house multiple times… depending on what character my niece is loving at the time. A simple thing is painting the room or just one wall your kids favorite color. Kids love it when they are made part of a decision. Look on the internet and pick some ideas then get the family together and go to the store and pick our a color you like. It becomes a good day out and a family project.

  • Toy Story

Kids go hand with hand with toys. You don’t need to overload them with toys however when it comes to decorating a kids’ room, there’s no easier way than to buy a new toy. Parents can surprise their kids with toys when they do well in school. For girls, give them lots of dolls and stuffed toys. Guys will love action figurines and masks.

  • Decorative Laminates

Laminates can help liven up a room. There are companies that make laminates especially for the kids. They can be placed on furniture or counter tops. They come in various colors, designs and even have your kids favorite characters on it. These are not only great ideas for kids rooms but they can also be used to enhance that feature wall you may have been wanting to spice up.

Placing wall stickers in your kids room is a cheaper alternative to painting the rooms, it can also be an easy way to brighten up the room or  with your kids favorite character.

  • Let It Go!

Giving them toys doesn’t mean you can stuff everything in the kids’ room. I spoil my niece far too much… apparently… Mum and I had to removal of all the toys she doesn’t play with anymore. Kids don’t need a lot of chairs in their room they are more than likely to make you sit on the floor with them anyway so the more floor space the better! Clean out their closets as well, they might be holding onto stuff in there that is already too small for them.

  • Beanbags of Joy

Now that the room is clutter-free, you can make the kids happy by giving them beanbags. They can sit on the beanbags while studying, playing video games, watching their favorite cartoons, or just about everything.

These are just some of the ideas that you can incorporate if you decide to decorate your kids room. There are probably thousands of ideas for kids rooms and guides on how to decorate your kids room, the main thing is you create a space your kid is surrounded by the things they love. You can even surprise them with a redesign of the room while they are still in school.