Feng Shui Kitchen Layout

Firstly Feng Shui is about creating a balance or harmony within the home through placement of certain elements. Within a home there are three key locations the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen – the main areas of importance for maintaining your health and well-being. Basic Feng Shui is about placement, direction and color to create harmony within your house.

Ideally to create the best Feng Shui kitchen layout it should be placed closer to the back door in a bright and well ventilated area. This is to avoid it being located at the entrance, which is considered to cause bad harmony. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that the kitchen must not be seen from the front door. It means that people shouldn’t have to pass through the kitchen in order to get inside the house.

An oven seen in plain sight upon entering the house is yet another point which causes a displacement in the energies within the home. Having a kitchen island with flowers or a herb garden is better to balance out the fire elements within the kitchen. The kitchen shouldn’t be located under a bathroom or have one opposite its door. The entrance to the kitchen should not be near the oven as well.

The kitchen shouldn’t be placed close to staircases. These two energies are said to be opposite of each other and should be kept apart from each other. Placing the kitchen close to the garage or laundry room can easily be worked around and improved to create the ideal Feng Shui kitchen layout for your home.



There are several other factors to consider in designing a kitchen. The fridge, sink and the oven should form a triangle. This is known as Feng Shui Trinity and creates a balance and harmony of elements within your kitchen. You should not place the oven in a position that makes you turn your back to the door when cooking as this is considered to gather negative energies. This is one of the lesser known factors that can impact Feng Shui and harmonious energies within the home.

The oven is responsible for the fire energy within the home and its location should be compatible with the rest of the elements in your home. This is why you should avoid having your kitchen placed in the north west area of your home as it is believed to create bad luck and disharmony for the household.

Feng Shui Kitchen Colors

While sometimes it is unavoidable when buying a new house that these factors haven’t been taken into consideration. There are always ways to create more balance in the kitchen. If you are creating your own kitchen design it is good to keep these simple Feng Shui tips in mind to create that harmony within your home. Keep in mind that using Feng Shui kitchen colors that represent harmonious elements within your kitchen can create a greater balance of energies within your house. The recommended Feng Shui colors that are usually utilized within the kitchen to create a balance of the fire energies are cooling colors such as black or blue, which represent the elements of water.

When looking to design and create the perfect Feng Shui kitchen layout for your house you not only have to take the placement, direction and colors within your kitchen into consideration you need to understand how they work with one another. While there are a lot of Feng Shui colors that represent the different elements there are certain colors that you should use within the kitchen depending on location and what energies are already incorporated within the space.