Find your Home Interior Design Inspiration

Finding your interior design style does not have to be a daunting task. The choices may seem overwhelming when you page through design magazines or look up different styles online, but you can divide the process into smaller tasks. Once you get into it, you’ll be surprised at how much fun it can be to decorate your home.

For many people, your projects are never truly finished. Your tastes may change as you get older, expand your current residence or move into a new house.

Whether this is your first time decorating your domicile or you just want to update the look of your place, these simple tips will help you decide how to express your personality throughout your home.

  • Finding the perfect home interior design inspiration

Get a binder, paper and plastic sleeves. Use divider tabs to keep everything organized. Create a separate section in your binder for each room of your home. Pour over design magazines and cut out pictures that appeal to you. Print out photos from online you like. Only keep those you really like. For example, if you find a picture of a living room that has a gorgeous lamp in it, cut out the smaller items you want and tape them to a labeled piece of paper. Once you start getting into it, you may have to create more sections for your binder, such as lighting, furniture, and artwork dividers for each room of your home. Collect paint sample cards from stores, as well as fabric swatches. Take pictures of anything that inspires you, while you are shopping, to refer to later. Once you start organizing these things, you’ll find a common theme in what kind of interior design style appeals to you.

  • Use Personal Items for Inspiration

If you already have items you love, use them as the inspiration for your home. For example, take a picture of the artwork you are using in your living room to find paint sample cards and fabric swatches to match the colors in the painting. Bring these with when shopping for furniture, throw pillows and other decorations. If you already have a set of vintage dish towels you’re grandmother has passed down, use these as the inspiration for your kitchen design scheme. All you have to do is find one item that perfectly expresses who you are to decorate the entire room around. Choose other elements that match it in color or theme to fill the space.

For example, if your favorite lamp features birds on it, look for nature-inspired items to create a garden-themed room or cabin feel.

  • Troll through Pinterest

Have a look through the interior home design inspiration posts here. I find some cool and crafty trends and uses for things I never thought possible on some of these pins.

  •  Think outside the box

If you are simply looking for something to spark those creative juices going there is this very interesting site with 33 out of the usual Home interior Design style Ideas which managed to catch my interest this week.

You do not have to find everything on your list right away. Empty spaces in your home, on shelves, walls or floors, is not necessarily a bad thing. Hold out until you find the right item to fill the space perfectly. Space out your other items to create symmetry. If the minimalist feel bothers you too much, place inexpensive items, such as simple glass vases, plants or a favorite framed photography in the space, until you find the right object. Never stop looking for interior design style inspiration to express yourself, no matter how finished you feel your home is.