Garage Doors in your Home

People have begun using garage doors in your home more and more these days. It is a good and often cheaper alternative to bi-fold, sliding or French doors. They also make your house more interesting because it breaks some of the social ideas people have about garage doors. It will be an interesting talking point for your friends when they come over and see that you have a garage door in your living room.

Garage doors can be really good for inside-outside living areas to connect areas of your home to the outside. Coastal homes and homes with gardens will benefit from garage doors a lot. This is because they will easily open up a large opening from the room they are installed in. Some people also have them all the way across the front or side of their homes. There are some areas that you will have to consider when looking to install a garage door in your house though.

What to Think about before installing garage doors in your home.

The Look and Style

Of course this is probably one of the most important points that will need to be covered, The look and style of the door will need to suit your taste and the rest of your home. Garage doors come in a lot of different styles and colors so you will need to make a decision on what kind of door you want to install to match the look of your home. Have a look at our article on decorating your living room to give you some ideas.

Build Quality and Construction for Garage Doors in Your Home

There are a number of factors to do with the build of a garage door that will affect how good it is for being used in a home. Garage doors are not always intended to be used in the home. So there are certain factors that the manufacturer may not take into account when designing a door. This means you will have to keep an eye out for them so that you don’t get caught out.

Insulation is a big factor especially for homes located in the tropics or colder climates that will receive high or low temperatures from time to time. Also as garage doors in your home are not generally thought of as being used for living areas their insulation can be very limited. You will want to check on this as having a large roller door that is not insulated can cause heating and cooling bills to become very large very fast. Some garage doors have large gaps at the top so you will need to make sure the one you are looking at is air tight to keep your home at a nice temperature.

Build quality is something that people won’t often think of as a garage door is something that is in the garage and it doesn’t matter if it is a bit oily and creaks. These can become major problems with garage doors in your home. You don’t want a chain dropping oil or grease on your couch and you don’t want the door to shake and jump on the tracks when it’s in your house. Have a look at reviews and check the quality in person before you buy.

You will also have to look out for how much sound the roller doors make. This can be an issue when they are installed in your home and a loud motor is whirring away opening or closing the door. It can ruin the feel of an indoor-outdoor area really easily. Try and have a look at the roller door you are after in person so you can hear how it sounds before you buy.

Security is another factor that people may not look at but an easy way of securing the door is essential as a garage door can be an easy entry point for thieves. This also leads us onto our final point and this is weather proofing. A lot of garage doors are not built to be completely wind and rain proof. Meaning that with a bit of wind pushing the rain into the door it can leak under or around the door. This isn’t too great for carpet so you will want to check on the weather rating for the door before you buy.

We hope these points help you make a decision on the garage doors in your home.