Hidden Pools

Hidden water pools are something that will have your friends amazed. They are the must have for a family home or a house where you want to have a backyard and a pool at the same time. Why not have a hidden pool that doubles as a basketball court. Or have one that is also your entertaining area complete with a fire pit. Hidden pools are the way of the future.

A hidden swimming pool is a luxury makes so much sense in a house that has a small backyard. So many people will have fought about if they want a backyard or the entertaining area outside, but can’t have it because the space is too small for both. This is where a hidden pool comes into its own you can have it all. The entertaining area and the swimming pool for the family. Somewhere for the dog to run around and somewhere for him to swim too.

Hidden Swimming Pool

The reasons for having a hidden swimming pool are really great. They are also extremely safe for your kids as there is absolutely no way that they can fall into the water when they can run around on top of it. This means that there is no danger of the little ones getting in and ending up in the water when you aren’t watching. They can run around and have fun all they like then when you are ready let the top sink into the pool and have some fun with the volley ball or do some laps.

Another awesome feature of these pools is being able to vary the depth of the water with just the touch of a button. Do you feel like simulating being in a tropical restaurant with the fish running around your feet? Well just make the water about 10cm deep put a table and chairs in the pool and there you go. Do you have little kids that you want to be able to run around in the water, drop the floor down to about 20cm and let them go. Or maybe you want it nice and deep to do some laps or dive down. All of this can be done with a hidden water pool as they can vary their depth with just the touch of a button.