If you want to add value to your home, a simple kitchen makeover on a budget might do the trick. It is easy to do and you don’t need to break your piggy bank. You can do the renovation for under $2,500.

The first step is to get the accurate dimensions of the kitchen. There are three dimensions that you should consider. These are the kitchen floor’s square area; the linear feet of the cabinets and counter tops; and the square footage of the walls that are going to be repainted.

Kitchen decorating ideas on a budget.

New cabinets will change the look and feel of the kitchen. You might not be able to replace the cabinets with the $2,500 budget.

What you can do is reface the cabinets, which costs much less. You can also replace the handles and pulls to make the cabinets look new.

If the kitchen is small, you can keep the remodeling project under $3,000 by getting small pre-assembled cabinets from the hardware store. In a medium-sized kitchen, replacing the cabinets will cost around $1,500.

The next thing to consider is redoing the floor. Tile flooring costs less than $1 per square foot. Unfinished hardwood flooring is available on the market for $1 per square foot. You can save on installation fees if you can do it on your own. A 10 by 12 feet kitchen will cost $450 for new floor tiles. Most of the tiling costs come from labor.

The last part when considering a kitchen makeover on a budget redoing is the counter top. A granite counter top will add more value to your home and you can easily install one for less than half the price of having a professional do it for you. All you need is 3/4 inch thick plywood to build the counter top on top of the cabinets. Just make sure that the counter top is level and the tiles are squarely placed with each other. If a granite top is too expensive you can also opt for a quartz counter top which have similar durability to the granite counter top but is a little bit more flexible.