Modern Apartment Design – Showcase

This time we will be introducing you to some modern apartment designs by three well known designers, Alexey Nikolashin, Alexandra Fedorova, and Irina Shumaeva. These apartment designs focus on an up to date minimalist method with them show casing their design ideas in an apartment they have designed in Moscow. The team got together to create a modern apartment design which incorporates a minimalist method, bright diverging colors and attractive modern features. Most of these concepts revolve around the use of white partitions being paired with strong, bright colors and different timbers. One of the key features within their showcase apartment is the yellow wall which they have embedded an LCD TV in to create a different effect and feeling to the room.

Features in a “Modern Apartment Design”

The designers used modern luxury furnishing to complement the structural design features. With color contrasts of yellow and timber finishes combined with simple, modern furniture subtle in design and color this apartment nails the modern apartment design that the designers were trying to achieve. The simple white couch with the dark glass coffee table creates a nice contrast in colors which lends the room its modern feel. The incorporation of plants within the apartment gives a feeling of open space with the white walls opening the area up.


The stylish blend of simply glass and metal furnishings help meld into the design concept of the modern apartment design. A central divide to the living room and kitchen is a stunning floating timber bench which offers space without being intrusive on the area.

The bathroom is an interesting design concept with a soft green light bathing the area. The shelving set above the bath takes up little space while being extremely practical. The white vanity with simple silver touches and timber offsets really set this look off. I feel the designers reached their goal of creating a modern apartment design that many people will be looking to recreate in the future.