If you have a smart home, you already know that there are so many devices available for the inside of your home but what about your “smart garden”?

Well there is a whole range of other devices specifically designed not just to make your garden a nicer place to be but also easier to manage and maintain. So, let’s have a look at some of the top outdoor smart devices available in 2020 for your garden.

Outdoor Smart Lights

Garden lights look amazing, the only thing more beautiful than a well kept and well-manicured garden, is a great garden with some well places lights. Thankfully there is now Outdoor smart lights that are very similar to the ones you will use in your house.

You can use these to create some great ambience in your garden and really set the mood. They will bring any garden to life with their multicolour look.

Now with smart garden lights you can control the lights in your garden exactly the same way you control the lights in your house. Simply by asking your smart assistant to turn them on and off or change the colour. Another benefit of smart outdoor lights is the added control the give you, as most of them have dimming capability also. Allowing you that extra bit of control to get your garden looking exactly how you want it to.

Outdoor Smart Plug

Just like their indoor brothers garden smart plugs can be used for anything in the garden that is not smart home compatible itself, but you want to connect.

Anything from some lights that are not smart, to an outdoor beer fridge that you want to connect to its easy to turn on an off when you have friends coming around. You can even turn the fridge on while you are at work, so the beers are cold for a Friday afternoon.

You could even use these to control your pool system if it doesn’t have a great scheduling system already.

Smart Weather Station

This is a great addition to anyone who it really interested in their garden and just want to know what the weather is like at home. A smart weather station is especially good when you are travelling as you can pair it up with a few other smart devices and manage your garden while on holidays on the other side of the world.

Think about checking in on your garden to see that it needs a cut, so you tell your robot mower to get out there on the job. Then you schedule the sprinkler system to give the lawn a drink once its finished. All while sitting by the pool wherever you are in the world.

Smart watering System

So, this one should really be a necessity, a smart watering system, one that will connect to your smart home system and allow you to water the grass and flowers whenever they need it is a godsend. On top of that you can also link it with the next piece of tech that we think you should have, smart soil sensors to completely automate the process and keep your garden at its peak all year round.

A smart sprinkler system really will make your home setup self-sustaining and will mean that you won’t have to worry about it in the future.

Smart Soil Sensors

Smart soil sensors measure the moisture content in your garden, so you know when you need to water the flowers to keep them in the best condition. If you care about having a healthy garden, you cannot look past a few of these for the different areas of your garden.

Robotic Lawn mowers

So, most of these devices we have talked about have been very useful for gathering information or at most watering something but what about the bigger tasks like mowing the lawn? Well there is a whole range of robotic lawn mowers on the market now that can do some of the heavy lifting for you.

These mowers will give you a better-looking lawn than any traditional mower and even better than if you pay someone to cut it for you. They also integrate with your existing smart home installation. They are great for taking care of one of those weekend jobs that some people love but most hate. Going out to mow the lawn. They also do it in a very quiet and efficient way.

No lawn clippings, and most of them are quiet enough to run at night if you want it to. So, you will never even see it. Robot Mower Center has a lot of good information on these mowers if you want to check them out.

Outdoor Speakers

We all love the ability to just ask for any song we want, and our smart assistant will play the song around the whole house through our smart speakers. Well now we can do exactly the same in the garden.

These are great for doing some work in the garden, but they are the best when you have some friends around for a drink and want some music out the back. Why should you just have a good sound system in your house when you can have one all around your house too.

Final word

No matter what you want to do in your garden there are now outdoor smart devices to do it for you. As with your smart home you can now extend the connectivity outside your home so you can control your environment exactly how you want to indoors and out.

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