Transitional Kitchen Design

Popularity of transitional kitchen design is increasing. It is simplifying the traditional kitchen design by incorporating modern elements. In order to achieve the look, excess decors are removed. The elegant touches that were popular in the past years were replaced with modern accents. This gave the style of the kitchen a more simplistic feel and look.

Transitional kitchen design

provides a sense of calmness and uncluttered environment this is also achieved with a good kitchen layout. People are letting go of previously treasured decors and are now playing with modern design that are simpler and cleaner. Suitable colors are jewel tones and gray.

Colored ceilings are now considered an accent to white kitchen walls. White walls are paired with coral ceiling. The combinations make the home more relaxing and edgier without jarring the senses.

With a brighter and clean look, the focus is on the lighting. Light fixtures that are considered art are getting popular these days. There are several choices on the market today including no-heat mini lights, bulbs and strips. Transitional design uses lighting above, within and below the cabinets. LED down lights and even LED color changing strips are used these days in kitchens to give them a more modern look with interesting lighting differences.

Translucent countertops can be lit from below to give a very different look. Frosted doors are utilizes as interior doors to provide privacy while allow light to enter. Mirrors are utilized to reflect light. These are all tricks to increase the amount of light in the kitchen to give it a more spacious feel.

One model kitchen featured creamy white cabinets with nutmeg stained wood island that’s topped with granite. It has a serving area made from a former pantry. It has a mirrored backed glass door cabinet and lighting from above, within and below it.

Transitional kitchen design has one or two retro accents from the 1950s that doesn’t impact the overall style of the kitchen. This could be a red feature or some vintage appliances. It also has hidden installation and quiet operation appliances that promotes the calm ambiance of the area.

There is also a trend to have the countertop and splashback made of different materials. Designers noted that this feature requires a large kitchen and should be done with the help of a professional.

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