Replacing Kitchen Countertops

With the growing trends and passing days, economy is getting wider and broadened and so the affordability of things is becoming difficult day by day. The makeover of a kitchen done by professionals is not always financially viable for everyone. So today many counter tops are available in the range of do it yourself kitchen tops. These counter tops are of such type that can be installed and fixed on the place by you without anybody’s help. However if you have done some research and have found it a little pricey check out our previous article about kitchen ideas on a budget to upgrade your kitchen.

With the help of internet, users can easily see how do it yourself counter tops work and how they should be installed. From wooden to granite and from steel to marble anything could be used as counter tops and with the help of manufacturer’s installation instructions they can be installed by you. With the growing trend and modernization and keeping the environmental factors in mind, most homeowners now prefer natural stones to tiles. As tiles are difficult to maintain and lack shine easily so natural stones such as marble, soapstone, limestone or granite are more popular. Previously there were misconceptions regarding marble or granite countertops in that they are more prone to scratch and stains but it has been found that a little maintenance and decent finish can make it a more durable and stronger surface than other alternatives.

Concrete Countertops

A couple new ideas that are steadily growing within the kitchen countertop world are concrete countertops which are slowly gaining in popularity around the world, however people tend to stick with marble countertops and granite countertops as there is much more of a market for them at this time. However if you are looking for more information on concrete countertops this website has some great info. These can also be an interesting DIY project if you feel like giving it a go.

For the installation of any type of surface whether wood or stone first of all one has to take the correct measurements and find out actually what length or breadth material is required. The ready to install wooden blocks or tiles are available with the manufacturer. Just buy the most appropriate one that you like for your kitchen. To start the installation process, firstly install the plywood and then the backer board where the tiles or stones has to be fixed. For that you will need an electric drill machine, nails, plywood exactly the size of countertop. They should be correctly up to walls and edges. Because granite or tile will be installed on this so it needs to be in place and fixed permanently. After this dry fit of granite tiles has to be done ensuring that they will be installed in position, for this keep it from the edge towards the wall. A perfect position is a must now as no gaping should be left and they should be aligned in a straight line.

Mark the grout lines of tiles. Though the tiles are already available in your required sizes but still if you need to cut them short then use wet saw for the purpose. One may have to make few cuts near the curves of the sink. Once you are sure about the position spread the thin set which will hold or stick the tiles on the backer board. Once a thick layer is spread carefully, place the tiles on the counter so that no gaping is left. When all the blocks are evenly placed then spread un-sanded grout so as to disguise the lines.

With all the changes in designs and trends its important to find the countertop that suits you, so if concrete countertops, granite countertops or even a tile finish countertop is what you decide go for it! Just remember replacing kitchen countertops will always change the feel in the kitchen.