Using Personal items in Home Decoration

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate the little things you have around your house into your home decoration? Learn how to display different types of home decoration to make the biggest impact in your interior design scheme.

Choose home decor that reflects your personality and highlights what you love. Whether this is a certain color or that picture you picked up and have completely fallen in love with! You can make your home work with your pieces and bring out your favorite items.

Whether you are going for a cohesive design scheme or an eclectic look, arrange the pieces in a way that calms your mind, energizes your spirit and makes you happy every time you come home.

  • Picture Arrangements

Whether you are hanging up artwork or photographs, set up your picture arrangements in a way that makes sense to you. Group them by subject, color or theme. If you have a mishmash of pieces you want to hang on one wall, use matching frames to create a cohesive look. Start by placing your favorite pictures at eye level to create a focal point and work outwards from the center to choose the right place for others. Create a gallery feel by hanging all of them in a straight line across the wall or go for a more artistic approach by covering your wall from floor to ceiling. You want your pictures to catch the eye of people that walk into your home so go bold with your frames.


  • Knickknacks

A timeless interior design trick to working with knickknacks is to group them in odd numbers. For example, take your collection of vases and place the largest one in the center of your side table and put two smaller vases on each side. Another home decoration tip is to keep like items together. If you have bookshelves, for example, set your collection of small statues on the top shelf from biggest to smallest, do the same with books on the second shelf, and continue doing this until all of your groupings are displayed in an appealing way. If you are going for a more eclectic feel, mix things up by alternating your favorite pieces in a symmetrical way, such as candles on the right of the first shelf, the left of the second, the right of the third, and so on.


  • Personal Mementos

Personal mementos can range from a seashell collection you picked up on the beach during your honeymoon to the ticket stubs from every movies you have seen. Instead of placing them all around your home, put them together to create a dramatic impact . For example, place all of the seashells in a pretty wicker basket on top of your toilet tank in the bathroom or create a scrapbook of your ticket stubs to have a unique coffee table book in your living room. Invest in shadowboxes and other attractive containers to safely store and display your most treasured memories. Use mementos to create custom artwork, such as a large picture collage of your tropical vacation for your bedroom wall or a decoupaged bar top with your theater programs for your entertaining area.

Interior design and home decoration is all about expressing your individuality and uniqueness. Keep in mind, however, to ensure an uncluttered home, you need to find a space for every one of your home decoration items. If you love them too much to get rid of them, even though you may have an excess of things, they should have a place of honor in your home.